Email marketing trends—last couple of years


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Over the years email marketing has gained its maturity and it is regarded now as the best tool for internet marketing, being the most cost effective as well. However, certain email marketing trends have emerged over the period, which help to shape the way marketing should be conducted.

We will try to conceptualize here, these trends and their effect on email marketing

  • Understanding the customer

Understanding your customer is the basic need of any email marketer to be successful. The demographic details of the prospects help a lot to give the email a personal touch. Taking help of certain data statistics can be beneficial in the end. This way, the seller gets the clear message regarding customer’s needs and his spending power. Such planning helps in sending a customized email offer to that particular customer.

  • Customer is always the king

This old saying still holds good. Therefore, all email marketing trends should focus on giving special treatment to the customers from the stage when they are simple prospects only. This in real terms means that full attention should be paid to the minute details of the customer’s needs. If an email does not carry answer to his specific queries, the prospect may opt out of the subscription list.

The emails should have relevant links where the user can land to find the details of his interest. This certainly will mean creating various links, which can cater to different category of users. Directly going to a home page may not prove useful, as the user may not find anything relevant to his needs on that page. Hence, there is the need for creation of the special links for those special people. This seems to be a difficult task but it will result in the revenue getting generated faster

  • Email—the best communication medium

As per rough estimates that indicate email marketing trends, there may be around 51K thousand active blogs and about 21K thousand RSS feeds available. We may have several thousands of unique users on face book. Around 75% emails are taken as spam and around 18% treated as junk mail. Almost 60% of the business leaders depend on emails as the best communication medium.

The above figures are just the approximates and these will keep on growing by every minute, as more people become internet savvy across the world

With mobile and mini devices hitting the market everyday, promising net accessibility as well, the focus will be on the matter provided for preview panes as the same will get highlighted frequently in such devices. This area should be considered the driving area on the top of the email to lure the user for viewing the whole page.

The concept for future email marketing trends has to be more focused on usage of such mini devices and highlighting the email on these platforms. As such, emails will require lot of tricks to engage the reader and instigate him for viewing more. While we will continue discussing email issues in our future entries; readers can look at other topics for infotips on varied subjects.


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