Easy Workable Steps to Publish and Operate a Website


All bloggers have a keen desire to publish their views, in public domain, so that they are visible to all concerned throughout the world. However, there are several steps essential for achieving this goal.

Domain registration

This requires selection of a name for the relevant blog site. Once this is done, such domain name needs registration under certain category such as .com, .org, .net etc. For this purpose, there are specific domain registrars such as Enom.com who offer registration services against certain charges. These can be upwards of $15 per year, as in most cases this registration needs renewal every year.

Fashion sites also require registration

Seeking registration for her domain

Web hosting

Most of web hosting service providers offer lucrative charges for utilizing their services. These charges can go as low as $2 per month for hosting the website on Windows Operating system. However, the renewal charges for such services go up drastically at least four times the initial amount. Hence, users must analyze the total price structure before making final selection concerning the hosting services.

While there are options to change the web host, after the hosting period from existing hosts is over, It is not easy to transfer the complete web site along with all media files to the new hosts. We will discuss the detailed procedure to transfer a website in our next entry.

Building the customized website

Blog site building is the most simple and easy job as compared to setting up commercial and other websites. Since blogs are usually not written with commercial profit motive, several website platforms such as WordPress, Joomla and others help in building such site pages. All web hosting service providers have these software programs in built in their cPanel. Users can customize and build their site via these links, after they open the new account with the particular webhosting service provider. WordPress being the most easy and best blogger platform, users can start making their pages through this software freely available via the web host’s cPanel.

Maintaining self-discipline is essential

All content is publishable over the web

This entry will be continued until the proposed site is published and visible to all across the globe under the “world wide web”.