Collect research data on given topic to write a synthesis essay

Writing a synthesis essay on any selected topic would require gathering the information an all its relevant issues, from various sources. Therefore, it is essential that students prepare a research plan, as a pre-writing exercise, for presentation of such essays. However, the selection of the topic is equally crucial, as a wide topic will need many numbers of pages to cover all the aspects related to it. At the same time, there may not be enough external sources of information available to cover the topic.

Synthesis essay is about combining all colors of the topic

Accordingly, students must do a bit of brain storming to choose a topic that can facilitate the combination of different information and facts to present them in a synthesized manner. While students may be given a topic by the tutors, as essay writing is normally a part of the high school English assignment; they should select a topic of their interest if given a choice.

The info-tips given below would guide students for writing an excellent Synthesis essay.

  • Collect all available information

Students must list the sources of information in a rough draft, so that they can surf and look for those sources only, to avoid any wastage of time and effort. However, this would include gathering of information about all the issues related to the topic, as that will help the students to understand the topic very well, so that they can present their arguments about the same in their essay.

In addition, all the sources should be properly listed with the name of the authors, date of publication, full address of the source availability etc. This will help the students to make the bibliography and the works-cited pages, easily, while providing proper in-text citation as well.

  • Use imaginative skills for presentation of data collected

As the information collected for the essay topic would relate to its various issues, therefore students must use their innovative and imaginative skills to properly blend the information to form a smooth and free flowing synthesis essay. This would require writing the essay in such a manner that the readers are able to transit through the whole essay, while going from one subtopic to another, with curiosity.

For this purpose, introduction of the essay should present a statement, which would summarize the whole contents of the essay. Hence, the essay writing that will follow would revolve around this statement only.

In addition, students must familiarize with essay formatting requirements of their school or university so that they present the citation references accordingly.

Synthesis essay writing needs better organizational skills

  • Conclude your arguments

Students must remember that their arguments should synthesize with the essay topic and the thesis statement given in the introduction. The aim should be to convince the readers about the justification of your stated position on the topic.

While we can help students in writing a decent synthesis essay, they must also look at other topics, to gain knowledge about different subjects.