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This is an update to our last two posts on the subject. As it is believed, that the animation sound effects make almost 70% of the complete film, the musical tracks are added as per the choice of the animator to greatly enhance the impact of show.  In addition, it is easier to add the sound track to an already “locked in” animation picture, as various ready made sound effects are available to suit any visual event and pace of its action.

animation sound must match visuals

  • Non-synchronous sound

While the events in the animation film production require precise timing for both visuals and sound effects to match together in a split second precision, the non-synchronous mode of the sound design may not fit for the animation film shooting.

  • Sound Designing

The design of animation sound effects for any film strikes our mind with the loud gun shots and other still louder musical notes. However, this is not the kind of good sound designing. The visuals are always the determinants for the sound tracks to be synthesized with them for making a better sound animation or feature film. Films like star track etc. had such principal in mind when several sound effects were tested to select a particular sound track to make it relevant to the concerned  event or a pace.

The first step in design of sound track is the scratch track. This is mainly a mental exercise and a scratch track is usually built during the script or story telling process itself. The track has to start in the mind. Innovative thinking as to which track that can deliver in a better way along with the pace of movements in the picture produces often a good sound and musical track.

While designing for sound for any film or event the following parameters should be kept in mind, as they are the basics of a good sound design;

  • Sound strength or magnitude

There are metrics, involved in animation sound effects, which determine the strength of a particular sound track. These include loudness- measured in terms of sones or phons, speech interference level (SIL) and the weighted sound level (dBA). These measures are set for the good sound, which can differentiate from the noise, for an animation film.  The following would give details on the annoyance value of sound.

Too much sound may be annoying

  • Annoyance value

There are set perceived values given to the annoyance levels meant for various events including the animation filmmaking. These values are measured by the amount of noise, roughness and sharpness of sound and other bothersome aspects of the sound that are calculated in terms of ‘PNdB’.

While readers can look forward to more information on animation sound effects, they are also invited to go through other topics, for getting additional info-tips about varied subjects.



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