Comparing Android Vs iPhone OS

Both have few common features. One such major feature is the operating system, as the two have Linux based operating systems. The companies making Android and iPhone have modified their OS to make it compatible with corresponding smart phone applications.

Apple iPhone
Apple iPhone


Operating system

While iPhone has a completely closed operating system, Google has an open system for its Android mobile phone.
Apple has followed Blackberry manufactures, RIM, to adopt the closed operating system for its smartphones. The main advantage in doing so remains the compatibility of the software with the corresponding hardware. Knowing the hardware specifications, Apple’s iPhone engineers have the facility to modify the OS for getting maximum efficiency, in running its applications.

However, the disadvantage for the closed system lies in the fact that the input is limited, which results in having only built-in memory card slots. The facility to load mobile applications is also limited.

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Open system of Android

Google’s Android has made it possible to collaborate with different companies for making a smart phone, based on its open OS. As the source is accessible to all, any one can make a smartphone, based on Android, without having to pay for any license fee. The software can also be modified to suit the need for making a particular type of smartphone and mobile application.

Android Smart phone
Android Smart phone

However, the open system involves extra effort and time, as it tries to meet varied requirements for smart phones, with different screen sizes, processors, input methods and even the RAM. Hence, modification of the generic version of such OS will always remain a challenge

Android has an advantage of being closely linked to Google web services. Hence, Google contacts, emails and other services are synchronized with the phone applications. The web search applications are far better with Android than iPhone.

Protection from virus is essential

Online threats like malware and other viruses are looming large with possibility of infecting any Android tablet or smart phone and PC. Providing anti-virus products manufactured by protection leaders like iS3 will ensure trouble free working of these devices. Stopzill AVM manufactured at Florida, USA have got 100 percent detection rating from Westcoast Labs. While certain computer systems in tablets, iPhone and Android smart phones have in-built virus detection program, it is essential to install an effective anti-virus product which can keep away the infection rather than just detect the same.





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