These devices are useful for any household

NetCam plus camera

Smart Magic eye







The above image represents a ’Belkin’ Net Cam, which has WiFi connectivity along with a camera that can take pictures during night with the inbuilt glass lens. The internet connectivity ensures that a high definition live video stream is transferred to any tablet or smart phone, without any need of a computer. This is the smart way of knowing about the happenings going on in the home, while sitting at a far-off remote location. The camera is enabled with a night vision facility to provide this feedback round the clock.

  • Key features and specifications

This NetCam with camera works with other Belkin products, while the glass lens of this high definition camera has wide angle that provides HD images and video stream, day and night. As the product connects only to servers of the manufacturer, the system has secure connection and it does not require any computer for installation.

While there is a built in microphone for two-way conversation, the system provides email and mobile alerts whenever any abnormal movement is detected. The kit comes complete with power supply cord and easy installation guide.

  • Pros and cons

The system can produce false alarms, as movement of pets cannot be controlled, especially during the night. This can prove troublesome for the user.

  • Estimated cost is around $130.

Wireless lighting starter pack

Philips being the main manufacturer of wireless light bulbs, the system ensures total control of all functions through the WiFi-enabled internet connection. Accordingly, the user can control color settings and brightness of individual bulbs from any remote place. The GUI-driven Philips application enables the custom tuning of all lights in any environment.

Philips Hue

Lifelong wireless lighting





As shown in the picture above, the starter pack of Hue Personal Wireless Lighting system ensures the control of all lights from any tablet or mobile, while user can customize the system according to the desired requirements.

  • Key features and specifications

The Hue bulbs have three individual LED modules, which produce total light of 600-lumen brightness. While the bottom of the bulb has an A-19 socket, the top assembly houses the array carrying three LEDs in a translucent dome made of special quality glass. The combined weight of this assembly makes the bulb bulky, while each LED has the capability of throwing out different colours, thus making a customized spectrum, with diverse possibilities of creating many colour combinations.
The features of this lighting system also include fine-tuning of colour setting, while making the same compatible with the existing light fittings. The starter pack comprises of a Hue bridge with three A 19 bulbs. A single bridge can control 50 bulbs of different types. Forbes has declared this system as the product of year 2012.

  • Pros and cons

While customized lighting effect is possible with this system, the bulbs may not be useful in ordinary settings since they are bulkier than the normal bulbs.

  • The estimated cost of this kit starts from $190.