Strong and weak point should form the basis of arguments in research essay

Everything starts in the fertile mind of human beings. However, for selecting a topic, you need to have thorough knowledge of the subject. Research essay is the most exercised part of the assignments that many universities cover. The essay writing gives the insight of the various issues related with the topic and student is able to grasp the subject in depth.

  • Topic selection

Students need to have thorough knowledge of the chosen topic, even before selecting the same. For example, a humanities student is not expected to write a well-versed essay on an engineering topic. The writer also is comfortable in writing a research essay on the subject that is already in the knowledge database of the student.

Preparing to draft a Research Essay

Hence, the need is to go for such a topic, about which you have enough knowledge. Thereafter, the research for collection of the facts and data on the topic will be the second step. In fact, it is advisable to have two to three topics on the list and start researching on them, one by one. Once that is done, you can select the best topic that suits you.

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Make a rough draft of your essay, which will include the data collected by you on the topic. Remember the data should be accompanied with the correct references so that the reader or your tutor can access the source of your research while doing so; there is no need to just retell or write your comments in a dry a manner. Try to evaluate the researched material with a critical mind. Frame your own points in support and against the research topic. Expanding such points will help you to draft the main paper.

Such draft prepared for research essay will be the basis of everything for the research essay. Therefore, the student should take the points out of this draft to form the following:

  • Introduction

It is advisable to make your introduction to the point and precise, while keeping it interesting so that the reader is tempted to read the whole essay.

  • Outline

Research Essay writing is a serious job

The outline page should be well organized and structured, so that each sub topic is mentioned with proper page numbering. However, keep in mind that the outline format should maintain the proper flow of the information from one sub heading to other subtitle. As all the mentioned listing on the outline page will form the main body of the research essay, therefore the continuity is the key here.

  • Main body

The body is for the expansion of your points, which may be in favor or against the topic. It is advisable to cite references of all those sources that you have used while doing the topic research. The opinion of others can be given, in your own words. However, care should be taken that there is no issue of plagiarism involved while doing so. References for the works cited are necessary for this purpose. The bibliography and citation reference page should come at the end of the essay so that the reader can access you researched sources and judge your ability of paraphrasing any material from the same by you.

Conclude your research essay in refined manner. Readers are also requested to go through various info-tips given on other topics.