Present day social networking knows no boundaries

Gone are the days when we visited friends for social networking. The current technological revolution has brought community, people and computers face to face to perform the task of networking. Therefore, the hypothesis of this paper is:

“Development of social networking through computers is advantageous, provided we use it sensibly”.

Gen Z, connecting across the globe through social networking by Krishna De


The social networking through computers has matured from the days when we used community and college Bulletin Boards to perform interaction among the students as well as the community members. This takes us to the days of Bulletin Board Services provided by CompuServe, Prodigy, Delphi etc, which allowed people to meet on-line in real time for the first time in the history of computers

However, it is essential to understand the theme of social networking in the context of current technological scenario.

  • Definition of social networking

Human beings have found the urge of connecting with each other and interacting as community members, forming different social networking groups, since ages. However, with the technology advancement, the perception has changed and computers have taken the role of real time facilitators for people to interact and develop their own communities and circles. Therefore, such interactive connection between computers, community and society can be called as “social networking through computers”. The on going integration between computer technologies and society has resulted in present day web-blogs, within the well developed social networking web sites.

Web blogging is the most visible part of social networking with use of computers. This technology has exploded during last two to three years tremendously, giving an individual, vast opportunity to share their views with huge numbers of like-minded people. This interaction has become far more result oriented and advantageous for all concerned, than any social networking methods used earlier. The technological growth has made it easier through development of different software programs that can facilitate blog rolling, automatic pinging and management of content systems.


SOCIAL NETWORKING sites should be used cautiously

This is an indication about the huge benefits that all of us can take from networking through computers as stated in the hypothesis of this paper.

Hence, there is no doubt that social networking sites like Facebook, Youtube and others will have booming presence in the coming days. Twitter being the latest addition has caught the attention of all types of users, in this direction. However, readers must keep tracking latest news about this theme, on these pages, while surfing through other topics, to gain knowledge about issues related to varied subjects.