Mentor training program should be evaluated at every stage

Project Leadership mentor training by Project Leadership

MENTOR TRAINING PROGRAM needs individual attention

Mentor training program needs to be conducted for achieving the following standard parameters.

* The training should be performed in order to enhance the skills of the trainee, so that he is inducted into the organization, and who can further pass these skills to the other staff of the business group aimed at increasing the productivity and profits.

* Mentor training should be able to encourage the development of competencies, based on the training by example and guidance as well as experience.

* Training should be able to ensure that the mentees can share values, vision and mission of the organization, to be able to confidently communicate and inculcate the leadership qualities.

  • Deliverables of the training program

The mentor training program should deliver the following among other things

* Better relation between the mentor and the mentee to ensure that the training program becomes voluntary only and mentee is not compelled to undertake the training and the mentee is willing to spend extra .time and effort for this purpose.

* The delivery method should include the use of tools like internet and world wide web, so that the trainee uses these tools to get the training as per his convenience and availability of time

* Each mentor in a mentor training program must maintain a pattern for delivery methods of the program like face to face meetings, email correspondence or telephone meetings as well as direct meetings.

Accordingly, the mentor training program should have the specialized content and schedule which, must match with the particular requirements of the trainee and the mentor, while care should be taken to ensure that the trainee is able to fulfill the tasks set for him/her, after the program is completed. In any case, the success of the training program would depend on the improvement in the quality of work delivered by the trainee after the completion of his/her training.

Project Leadership mentor training by Project Leadership

Focusing on objectives during MENTOR TRAINING PROGRAM

  • Content for Training and mentoring

Hence, the content for mentor training should include the following, among other things.

* As there is no point in conducting a training program without having any reason to do so, the content should establish the need for such training.

* The time frame should be clearly established for finishing the training, while considering the achievement of set objectives.

* The program should suit the individual trainee and his needs, while it must be convenient for the mentor also, as both should aim at better performance for the organization, after the training is over. Hence, selection of mentees and other trainees should be done carefully.

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