Excellent communication skills are pre-requisites of audio engineering performance

Audio engineering is also called sound engineering. As it is a team effort, all Musicians, artists and the technicians, need to give their best in this job. Therefore, an audio engineer must possess the best possible communication skills.

However, the business of audio or sound mechanics is booming these days. Hence, there is a need to act in the best possible manner under the current tough competitive environment, while performing with super precision. Therefore, the job of a sound engineer becomes very crucial in this context, as the main responsibility for communicating and coordinating with different aspects of performance involving in audio engineering lies greatly with the sound engineer.

Sound Mixing desk by Gerrysan

Instrumentation for AUDIO ENGINEERING

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  • Effective spoken communication

As it involves the entire teamwork to produce a good live concert or any other sound/music show, the individual members need to communicate effectively with each other and with the audio engineer. The communication skills of a sound engineer are nurtured by his/her cooperative and understanding nature. It is normally carried out in two parts, spoken and written one. While the spoken communication is needed during the face-to-face meetings of all concerned, written communication is needed to send across the rules and the format of working. The written communication should be well written with precise details that can serve as the blue book for all the performing members.

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  • Coordination skills

As an audio engineering event would involve all performers like musicians, artists and managers trying to prove their best in the show, each one may have his or her agenda for making it successful. Hence, the difference of opinion may also arise. Therefore, it becomes the responsibility of the audio engineer to coordinate and converse with all the concerned and have a harmonious outcome of the group effort. It is not an easy job and it needs patience as well as perseverance on the part of the sound engineer to get all the artists and other persons involved on a common platform, with a common agenda. Viewers can look at a web design project which also happens to involve team effort.

Oscar nominee for Sound Mixing and Sound Editing by Dolby Laboratories

AUDIO ENGINEERING coordination should be purposeful

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