Domain Name System enables website publication


After due registration of domain names under categories such as .com, .net, .org among others, it is essential that the particular website with the given domain name is visible to all human beings across the world on the world-wide-web platform. Hence, a system is required that can understand human readable names such as “” or “” through computer machines. DNS converts these domain names into IP addresses that any computer can read.


Importance of DNS

Domain name system serves as an address book for all domains, as reading the contents and files of any domain is not possible without connecting it to the web by using its IP address. Accordingly, DNS is like a dictionary that will provide computer IP address of the domain name, thus enabling connection of the relevant domain with internet. While the user puts the particular domain name such as “” in the browser address bar, the DNS resolves this address into the corresponding IP address responsible for the particular website. This enables the viewer to look at the contents of given site.

DNS is essential for publishing any website

Selecting DNS for fashion site


Working of DNS

As viewing any website involves conversion of domain names into machine readable computer addresses, there are certain steps involved in this process.

After sending an enquiry for such name, the concerned computer searches the DNS cache stored in that computer. However, the computer will require performing DNS query to find the relevant information from internet in case local computer does not have this. First step in this direction is to ask the DNS servers of related Internet Service Provider, as the concerned ISP will make a query to their recursive DNS servers to find the required information. This query will be replied if the relevant DNS is stored in the cache of ISP.

However, if ISP is not able to help, then root name servers can help. A Root Nameserver is a huge computer that can answer all queries about domain names, IP addresses and so on. There are thirteen root nameservers that direct any query to a machine which has the answer for such query.

Internet identifies every single DNS

Web of intricate DNS management


DNS and web hosts

To enable viewers looking at the given website, the site owner should ensure that DNS of relevant website is pointing at the ‘root nameservers’ of the concerned webhost. Hence, it is essential to link the relevant domain name with the nameservers of selected webhost. Once the account is opened with the webhost, the domain owner should log in and after locating the management section for DNS within the cPanel, the account holder should edit the name server records that ensures enabling of domain names pointing to the webhost’s nameservers. An example of any webhost nameservers is given below:

‘ns101.webhost’s domain name’ and ‘ns102.webhost’s domain name’ OR ‘’ and ‘’ (given only for the purpose of simplifying this example), for connecting to webhost’s server one and two.

The website of concerned domain will be published and coming live over the internet, 48 to 72 hours after the above process is completed.