Hunger can cause acid reflexes

Acid reflexes, generally known as acidity is the result of hunger for nutritious food. When human beings go without food for a longer period, reserved fuel that is released from burned fats of the body is consumed for survival. Ketones are mild acids which are released during this process. While carbohydrate fuel is required for keeping our body running, if its level goes below a critical point, condition called ketosis is created. This condition compels the body to look for protein and fat reserves for doing the job of carbohydrates. Sometimes, ketogenic diets are consumed as a measure to reduce fats in the body, as they have very low carbohydrates. For example, Dr. Atkins’s diet is taken for this purpose.

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Conditions responsible for ketosis acid formation

During the starving like condition, the body burns fat. As carbohydrate level drops, the body turns to protein reserves, which results in nitrogen being released into the blood stream. This causes unnecessary burden on the kidneys as they try to excrete the excess urine, which happens due to the additional sodium loss. Similarly, the fatty acids are released into the blood stream, as fat gets burnt. This puts more pressure on kidneys. If such condition for body functions prevails for longer time, Ketosis can occur, causing damage to liver and kidneys. Therefore, many nutritionists are careful in prescribing ketogenic diets, which have low carbohydrates, particularly to pregnant women. However, these conditions can also result in reduced hunger and stable blood sugar level, caused by chain of reactions taking place, as ketones are released.

Ketosis and body function

The activity of brain gets improved regularly with intensity, as can be measured through the electroencephalogram (EEG) test, which shows the brain cells being calmed down in ketosis condition. In addition, ketosis can be responsible for dissolving certain kidney stones, as they tend to sterilize urine against infection. However, there are many adverse affects of ketosis.

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Adverse effects

These include dizziness, lethargy, weakness, diarrhea and nausea, among others. Many people going through ketosis experience mental dullness and fatigue, while feeling sluggish. The body cells form less fat that is necessary for survival, in times of emergency.