A few tips to remain fit and trim, while following green fitness program

If you want to be trim, slim and healthy with full of energy, always; then you must follow the correct green fitness program. However, this should be done on regular basis.  Here are a few guidelines given below for this purpose, while the results will show up sooner than later

  • Breakfast is important

Never skip your Breakfast. As the name itself suggests, breakfast is the diet or the meals, which we usually take after we have fasted whole of the previous night. After a gap that long, we need to nourish ourselves with green foods. Fast foods taken in the morning cause lot of acidity and gastro problems, which means a bloated stomach for most of us

  • Remain hydrated throughout

The intake of water is necessary for our body to remain properly hydrated in a balanced manner. Hence water should be taken a lot, may be 12 to 15 glasses during 24 hours. However, the water intake has to be regulated in such a manner, that we avoid drinking water at least an hour before or after the meals. This helps our food to get digested properly without any inflammation, what-so-ever.

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Too much junk food by Anna Day Mona

GREEN FITNESS PROGRAM does not suit them

  • No junk food

We should always avoid junk food, if we have to maintain our green fitness program. While such foods do not provide any nutrition, they are a great cause for loss of appetite. Hence, the healthy food intake gets reduced. Moreover, Junk Foods are quite addictive in nature and as such, having more of the same leaves us lazier day by day, due to constant loss of energy.

  • Avoid diet pills

Obesity is not a dietary problem, but is a disease caused by our own bad lifestyle habits. Therefore, DIET PILLS should always be avoided as the same may effect temporarily, for some time and after that, the fat will again appear. The pills will not do any good if taken again.. The reduction of food intake, which many call as DIETING  will not result in any major improvement, but the same can leave a person incapable of eating his full  Dieting continued over a prolonged period of time certainly leaves a person with permanent loss of appetite and energy, which goes against the practice of following green fitness program.

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Enjoying GREEN FITNESS PROGRAM naturally

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Green fitness regime means that we should be more and more with nature, as far as our food intake is concerned. Hence, Green Salads and vegetables play a greater part, while following such regime.  Vegetarian foods are certainly better than non-vegetarian meals. Leafy and green vegetables are good for health, as they maintain a balanced digestive system.

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We may follow a disciplined regime in our business life; however, we become careless when dealing with our personal life particularly our health. Above are only a few guidelines for green fitness program, which we should follow regularly, to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In addition readers could also find additional info-tips on other subjects from assorted topics.