Beware of fictitious websites offering freelancer jobs

First step for seeking freelancer jobs, begins with a thorough research on the internet for finding the right and genuine job, which can suit to the talents offered by you. While doing so, the chances are that you will end up loosing your valuable time and patience on visiting all the fake sites, which promise availability of such services at a very cheap price.
Freelancing website by Adodis Technology
Hence, one must be cautious in contacting only those sites that provide real work, on genuine rates. The fake sites offer dreams of earning thousands o dollars in few hours, which never materialize. As there are numerous such sites to lure the prospective candidates, naming a few would not help, in any case.
However, there are certain agencies, which do genuine work to help those who plan to take up freelancer jobs.  While it will take a few pages to elaborate on all internet organizations; we are trying here to give you a brief description on each of them
  •  This site gets the maximum traffic as far as the projects are concerned. Any buyer of any type of services can post his project here, giving all the details of his requirement. One has to register on the site before conducting any activity there. Registration is free and the charges for successful completion of the project are very nominal, taken at the end when the desired freelancer is selected. The trial and first time projects are posted free of cost.
  • site is for all projects irrespective of any size and amount. Here the registration again is free. The buyer of any services can post his project in detail to help people seeking freelancer jobs, identify the suitable project. The projects are listed in the “Browse Projects” section and an ID is given to each of the project, for quick identification.
Job - Freelancer - Escola CERA by Tiago-Cardoso


In addition, there are other websites also that provide jobs for freelancers, with specialized capabilities, like, which helps the tech-suave software professional in getting jobs on freelance basis, related with writing different codes for various software applications. This includes writing in JAWA and other languages.
Apart from the above, there are other such websites, which help us to find freelancer jobs, suited best to meet our requirements. These will be detailed in separate entries, published on these pages. However, readers can also go through our in-tips on othertopics, to enhance their knowledge on varied issues.