Following essay writing tips are proven and tested


Essays are meant to demonstrate the student’s critical thinking and analytical capabilities. However, essay writing must follow the prescribed formats, which include APA, MLA or Harvard writing styles. Accordingly the following essay writing tips would help students in organizing the contents effectively.

essay writing tips

  • Introduction

Reserve the introduction and conclusion parts of the essay for your personal opinion. Therefore there is no need referencing the ideas of others in these sections of the essay. In addition, introduction should outline the question that you are going to address, and how you are going to address it (ie. outlining the main points that you are going to cover, and thereby giving the reader an idea about the way your essay is structured). Essay writing tips given here should be thoroughly understood, for preparing a well-organized paper.


  • Main Body

In the main body of your essay, you must properly cite the external sources that have been used in writing the arguments supporting or against your essay thesis. Therefore, use the full names of people whose ideas you are using, the first time their name appears in your essay, and then their surnames only for every other time you use their name, while writing the date of publication, after the author’s surname. This should appear in brackets, within the text of the essay.

  • Proof-reading the draft

For the purpose of reducing the grammatical and spelling mistakes, it is advisable to proof-read the complete essay, before its submission. Alternatively, try reading out your essay aloud to yourself. The indication of adding a coma and full-stop naturally appears when the reader pauses to take a breath, while proof reading the contents. Accordingly, students should rely on their intuition, for this purpose. In fact, students can prepare their own essay writing tips, after they have gained sufficient experience of drafting different kinds of academic papers.

  • Direct quoting of external information

In case students quote direct material, belonging to works of other authors, in their essay contents, they must put the same within double quotes. However, it is essential that students paraphrase the published material of other authors, in their own words. This would save them from the serious allegations of plagiarism.

While there are more essay writing tips, students should check further entries on these pages for this purpose. In addition, they can look at other info-tips to learn about other topics, in detail.