E-mail writing is user-friendly in text than using HTML



While e-mail writing in text is always preferred than HTML, total elimination of HTML language may not give good results. The following issues will explain why it is so.

  • HTML takes more resources/bandwidth than text

The HTML file is much larger and hence takes more space. However it provides more flexibility in color, layout, fonts, and image inclusion. Using this language script judiciously could produce best results. For instance, you can add just a graphic logo and a two-column format.

  • Deliverability problems are more with HTML

HTML messages are caught in spam filters. However, so does the text email also. The new technologies coming online like SPF and Domain Keys should help with this problem.

E-mail images in HTML look better

Nevertheless, e-mail writing in text, than using HTML may not be a definite winner on deliverability issue. Even if they were, you would have to factor in response before you could declare a clear winner in the text versus HTML debate.

  • HTML doesn’t always render properly

Yes, we need to code HTML specifically for a variety of email clients including browsers; to be sure it is working alright. Some of the newer versions from email clients will not show graphics unless the sender address is in the recipient’s address book. Therefore, ensure the message will be understood even if the images do not appear. This can be achieved by making headlines in text only

At the same time, it does not make sense do everything in plain text. Images would be essential to convey the message correctly.

”Double click,” may report a decrease in open rates and click-through, but even that is small in context. These decreases don’t justify ditching HTML altogether right now.

Simple text can incorporate such images

  • People dislike HTML

It may be a psychological or emotional issue. Many people actually like HTML.as it is easier to read and grabs attention. Some products just lend themselves to HTML email. For example, it is much easier to make an appealing product by showing a photograph of it than trying to explain its beauty in a few sentences. e-mail writing in text, than using HTML will not be able to produce an integrated image, which sometimes a  really works wonders.

As general feeling favors e-mail writing in text, than using HTML, the decision must be taken after considering purpose of the particular e-mail. Another entry shall follow soon on the relevance HTML in this context.



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