Following website maintenance tips would prove result-oriented


A webmaster has various tasks to undertake for keeping the relevant website functional and useful all the time. Accordingly, following website maintenance tips would help ensuring proper traffic is maintained by the website.

web master needs nurturing his site like a child


  • Continuous monitoring is essential

It is always advisable that the web site functioning may be observed and monitored, to find if any new contents are to be added for the proper and continuous promotion of your website. The idea is to get the increasing number of hits daily on the site. Hence, the advertising of your site and making the contents appropriate for search engine optimization is very necessary. You can also subscribe to a service which may check your site on a regular basis.


  • Links should be functional

If the website has certain external links, then it is better to check their functionality as they may have moved, have been modified or maybe abandoned also. Webmasters should treat this as the most important routine among various web maintenance tips as these external factors cannot be related to such links on your site, unless you update these, on a daily basis.


  • Monitoring statistical data

Web maintenance tips also include frequent monitoring of the statistics of your website with reference to the visitors who visit the site. Details like which pages have more visitors and the individual count of the pages can be helpful in this direction. You must have the full information of which pages people visited more and what they wanted to see on that page. In addition, the information like which browser was used to reach the site by the visitor and how many times a single visitor viewed the site, repeatedly, will be helpful in the long run.

website-maintenance is an art

website-maintenance is an art


  • Publishing Newsletter Will Help

In many cases, it is advisable to publish a newsletter on the site regularly, which will keep the site visitors updated on the new events and additions on your website. This way the webmasters can communicate with their audience properly, whenever required. However, the content of this newsletter should be authentic and helpful, while it should aim at solving the visitors’ complaints. In addition, the newsletter must ensure that it is thoroughly read and not treated as spam by various ISP filters.

The above website maintenance tips are part of the overall strategy, which every webmaster must follow strictly. The other tips, in this direction would be details in our future entries and these would relate to website security and ensuring of visitors’ privacy. Meanwhile it is always beneficial to go through various manuals and help forums of website developers or builders like WordPress, Jumla etc.



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