Follow laptop manufacturer’s maintenance and troubleshooting tips

You got a laptop but it is not working at all. So this means that the first installation has been unsuccessful. It is better to follow, religiously, the instructions on laptop troubleshooting tips given in the booklet accompanying these devices, while installation should be done, systematically only. The features, which are loaded on the laptop by default, should also be started one by one for their proper configuration. However if the laptop does not still perform, the best way is to call the seller and get it replaced from the manufacturer as same can be replaced within the warranty period.

checking the motherboard

In case your laptop develops trouble in performing various tasks; here are some trouble shooting tips, which should help you to diagnose and rectify the problem.

  • Virus and malware

As in all computers, virus and malware problems do occur in laptop devices also. These spy ware and other viruses function quietly to destroy and malfunction various programs and features on the laptop; while giving it nasty commands. While laptops would function slowly, initially, the result can be complete break down of the device. Hence it is most important for the laptop owner to install a reputed anti virus system on the device from the beginning itself. It should be ordered to conduct periodic checks and scans for any virus or malware/spyware in the computer and for their subsequent removal. In addition, it is important to coordinate such checks with the manufacturer’s manual on laptop troubleshooting tips.


  • Battery issues

While there are electrical problems related within the desktop computers, such problems do not occur in a laptop. The desktop being connected to an AC supply can have voltage fluctuations, sometimes which may cause it to malfunction.  However, laptop battery can cause the trouble sometimes and that is due to battery getting discharged quickly or it needs a recharge frequently. In such cases, it is better to look at battery specifications and warranty terms, given in the laptop troubleshooting tips, provided by the manufacturer. Replacement of such faulty battery is always recommended.

Understanding how to properly care for a laptop, specifically maintenance and troubleshooting potential problems, is important but even more important if it’s your career.  An instructional technology certification will definitely prepare an individual by giving them the basics of how a computer operates

The battery life in itself is about 3 to 4 years, normally. However, the battery starts failing gradually over the course of time. To find out whether the malfunction of your laptop is due to the battery only, you can attach an adapter to the laptop. In case it works fine with the AC adapter, then there certainly is a faulty battery which may need replacement, as it may not be holding proper charge even after charging it fully.

Hardware inspection is essential


  •  Laptop hardware

Apart from the battery there are other parts also that can fail. Although parts like motherboard, memory or microprocessor chip last for years in a laptop too, their failure can cause a major problem. However if need be one can get these components checked by an authorized vendor.

The motherboards usually are at risk for failure or malfunction due to their normal wear and tear, as same are handled manually most of the time while typing. A periodic check and if necessary the replacement of the same can rectify this problem.

While above laptop troubleshooting tips can save us lot of valuable time and money, the power cables and USB port connections etc, should be checked frequently.




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