Freedom lovers will not support domesticating animals

Domesticating animals goes against the fundamentals of the nature as it means suppressing their freedom. Animals as human beings prefer to live independently, in the wilderness of nature. However, starting from the early history of human evolution, human kind has found ways that could label them being superior to animals. Since, ages, man has wanted to use his prowess over the animal kingdom, by following methods that could enslave all animals, including the wild ones. However, taking charge of pets like dogs and cats may not harm these animals, largely. Yet keeping wild animals like lions, tigers or monkeys in captivity would certainly endanger their lives, and the act is against natural law, judged by any means.

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  • Arguments in support of caging animals

There is not a single reason, which can justify our action of domesticating animals. Apart from the fact that it serves our ego, the act itself is so cruel and inhuman. However, the main reason for the man to put any animal in a cage is to display his power over the animal and dictate his terms, as per his egoistic and barbaric wishes. However, it serves no purpose, as putting wild animals in a cage would only make us more vulnerable to attacks from them. We must remember that animals like their freedom, if not more, as equally as we do like for ourselves. We have seen wild animals like elephants, monkeys and lions escaping their captive environments, as they would prefer to remain in their own natural habitat and live according to their instincts. Hence, there is no need to cage them, when we are not able, even to, control them properly. Experiencing the wrath of a wild animal, getting out of control, would make us really believe this.

  • There is no need to put animals in cages

However, as we all are aware about the living habits of different species, domesticating animals, particularly of the following types, would be called inhuman by most of the animal rights organizations, as well as many freedom loving sensitive human beings. A few types of listed below, while justifying that they should not be held captive.

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* Monkeys

As they have the habit of freely swinging in the wilderness of the jungle, caged life would deprive them of this natural habit.

* Tigers and lions

They needed socializing with other animals of the jungle, and that is impossible if they are put in cages. In addition, they are big creatures and require sufficient and larger space to roam around, which is unthinkable, if we put them in captivity.

* Snakes and crocodiles

They are dangerous to human beings and could spread diseases as well, which can prove fatal for us. In addition, putting them in cages would deprive them of their natural habitat.

While more reasons, for not domesticating animals, would appear on these pages, in the forthcoming issues, readers can look at topics, to learn more about other issues that concern us.