Various epics have recorded earlier history of Rome


This is in continuation of our earlier entry describing the history of Rome, as depicted in various ancient scripts.

Penguin Books L104 - Livy - The Early History of Rome by swallace99

  • Juno and war conspiracy

With the earlier effort being wasted, Juno ultimately conspires for a war in Italy, although Juno never really wanted it. Tumus was the king of local people at that time. On observing that Tumus has brought huge mass of people against him for the war, Aeneas seeks the help of tuscans who were the enemies of Tumus. While Aeneas is away to find help from Tuscans, the camp of Trojans is raided, resulting in the death of Nisus and his beloved Euruyalus. This has a deep emotional reading while we go through this epic by Virgil.

  • The epic by Virgil

This epic ultimately ends up by giving the narration of how Tumus and Aeneas fought in a face-to-face combat, not once but twice. In the second combat, Tumus, all of a sudden, looses all his strength while fighting and a spear from Aeneas strikes his leg. Although, Tumus was on his knees to beg for his life Aeneas did not spare him and killed him in a revengeful rage. This is the strange ancient history of Rome.

  • Foundation of Italy

Thus, the foundation for the Italy becoming the great city of Roman culture was laid. The work of Aeneid was written at a time when there was complete upheaval and civil war in Rome which had ripped the society. As one can observe, this was the time when Rome was undergoing change in social and political arena.

Polybius was a Greek historian who was born in Greece around 200 B.C. He played an important part in the Greek freedom history. While there are around forty books that made the history from Polybius, only a few are available now. In his works, Polybius tries to put it in a plain manner the history of Rome and how Romans kept on winning wars. While he explains the empire of Rome as being the wonder of that age, he has also emphasized that the empire was extending its wings, during this period.

Rome-Colosseum by giovanni paccaloni

Students of history, particularly those interested in ancient history of world, should also go through other publications like, “History of Rome by Livy and George Baker”. They can also look at other topics to gain knowledge on varied subjects, while we will continue providing more info-tips on history of Rome, in our forthcoming entries.



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