History of black holocaust in America

While American constitution and democracy is proud defender of human rights, black holocaust is a black spot on the history of America and the human evolution as such.

  • An under-reported event

Being an event which underlines the conflict and feelings of revenge between blacks and whites in United States of America, various governments have tried to push the historical facts, connected with this event, under the carpet. The black holocaust is perhaps the most underreported event in our history as it involves millions of human lives that have been lost due to centuries of slavery, oppression and colonization.  Therefore, the event of June 1921 is not an isolated happening as it has been the result of worst sort of human exploitation and brutality in the most degraded form of human behavior. However, the irony lies in the fact that until now there has not been any serious effort to express apologies to the descendants and kin of those who died silently, witnessing and tolerating the miseries of black suppression that peaked with black holocaust.

Dark Images of Black Holocaust

  • How and why it started

While there are reasons to believe that, the African decline was due to their own infighting, the main reason could be the abundant natural resources of African continent that caused West Asian and European warlords to take the resources and hence this resulted in the movement of alien civilizations to the African continent. With this, new ideologies replaced the old African values and some of the Africans who adopted these new ideologies, ultimately turned to fight against their own brethren. A few publications, like, “Introduction to black holocaust: How and why did it happen” gives vivid details about fall of black power in African continent.

  • Background to holocaust

June 26 1919 was the day when Black uprising took a shape in the form of gathering at Mississippi on hanging of John Hartfield. The tragedy continued in the form of lynching, torture before death was caused due to burning. As this event of black holocaust was called “surgery below the belt”, the shocking crude reality was evident from the fact that observers took parts of the mutilated body as souvenir. This followed lynching and burning in different parts of USA like Nebraska etc, which included tree hanging and other brutal ways of torture and death. Although this may have been happening for centuries, it peaked out in the form of black holocaust of June 1921. The horrific pictures of those times depicting such scenes are loud reminders of worst forms of human brutality.

Pictures and other rare stories about it can be found from sources like, “African American Holocaust”, by Milford Plaines.

Carrying the stigma of Black holocaust

While we will continue on this subject in our forthcoming entries on black holocaust, readers may also look at other topics to gain knowledge about different issues.









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