Gifting is the Strong Expression of Love Experienced World-over


Love is a bond, an emotion and an expression that can surpass all barriers of language. There are few occasions when true lovers have the opportunity to show their feeling of love without uttering single word. Accordingly, presenting gifts to each other has been prevalent since ages in almost all societies of the civilized world. As Christianity focuses on teaching and harbouring pure love among all human beings, many Christian saints are revered and respected due to this phenomenon. In this direction, Valentine day is celebrated all over the world as people remember St. Valentine on this day. Presenting gifts on this day, 14th February, every year is a passionate affair. Gift cards can serve this purpose very well.

I remember a childhood story, narrated to me by my grandmother as this story seemed to be evergreen and age-old. Cutting the long story short, my Granny told me about a boy falling madly in love with a girl when both were teenagers. The bond of love grew stronger between them as they added more years to their love. This ultimately led to their bonding together through the sacred institution of marriage. The gift ideas shown below work wonders in married life.

Once married, the burden of filling their home with all necessities was rather heavy as there was demand for more expenses than they could afford although both of them worked hard to keep expenses in control. However, this did not deter them from expressing their love for each other on all possible occasions. The gifting season really starts from Christmas, celebrated on 25th December and it goes on until Valentine day and beyond.Gifting something precious and beautiful to your ladylove can strengthen a memorable for lifelong. Check all such gifts here.

The two lovers, now married partners, wanted to shower gifts on each other that can really express their feeling of concern towards one-another. The wife had charming golden hair that left everyone spellbound with admiration for her beauty. However, she used to comb her long straits with an ordinary comb as she could not afford an expensive one. On the other hand, the husband always showcased his ancestral gold watch which was unique and a heritage item that kept everyone gazing at his wrist. However, the watch had an ordinary strap which looked awkward with such an elegant wristwatch. Check below for all personal care products at most reasonable rates.

Surprise element

As both lovers were aware of these drawbacks, both decided to give a surprise gift to each other that could fill this gap. Accordingly, Husband secretly decided to give his ladylove a golden comb as Valentine day present that could suit her golden hair. At the same time, the wife secretly decided to give her hubby darling a golden strap that would perfectly match with his beautiful golden watch.

The pure emotion that involved sacrifice
While both resolved on the above action, they lacked the resources to buy these gifts. There was No Money with either of them to buy the gift. Not hesitating even for a moment, the wife decided to shave her head and sell her golden hair and buy the gift for her hubby. In turn, husband decided to sell his watch to buy a golden comb for his wife. Both maintained utter secrecy and as such each was ignorant about the plans of other, pertaining to Valentine day. Plenty surprise gifts are available and you can select your secrete gift easily by clicking below.

The ultimate expression of love
While both married lovers kept their plans a sacred secret, wife had to cover her head for couple of days and similarly husband wore full length shirts to hide his wrist that had no watch. On Valentine day the surprise gave way to shocking emotions. As the ladylove cried with emotion that cannot be expressed in words on seeing the golden comb gift from her husband for her shaven head, the hubby darling could not escape from such emotional outburst after finding a present from his wife that perfectly matched with his ancient treasure which he sold only a few days back. However, the bond of love created with such gesture remained with them lifelong as it grew stronger with their age. Connecting with your loved ones through the pure gesture of gifting remains evergreen

My granny mentions that both married partners prospered well together with strong bonds of love and they could afford many expensive luxuries, over the years. Yet, these Valentine day gifts remained enshrined in their memories as something that No Money can buy anytime anywhere. Mature age requires gifting expensive affordable gifts as detailed below.