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DNS updating

After logging into the existing web-host or domain registrar site, go to the DNS management link. Click on the name server page link. While the page will display name server records pointing at the existing registrar’s name servers, the web developer requires to change these for pointing at the new “nameservers” as mentioned in the domain management page of the new webhost. This can be possible only after opening the web-hosting account with the new hosts. Once the domain name servers are changed to point at the nameservers of the new host, it will take almost 48 hours to propagate and during the intervening period the website shall continue appearing around the globe on either of the two hosts. In addition, the site may not work properly during this period.

NDS updating requires precision work

While following the above steps, it is not mandatory to register the domain name with the new host. Instead, it can remain with existing web-host or the concerned web developer can choose any other domain registrar for this purpose. However, the yearly renewal of the domain name registration, which is around USD 15 upwards, will have to be paid to the selected registrar while the new host may or may not register the domain free of charge for certain period depending upon individual web hosting service provider.

Transfer of databases

This is a bit tedious job and shall be detailed in our future post. However, it is essential to remember that databases transfer from old to new web host in the correct manner is a major requirement for any website site to work efficiently on its new webhost platform, particularly if any archive or blog history is involved. In addition, any site having multiple pages will require this for proper publishing of all pages over the world wide web.

Correct Data Base Management is very important