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Artificial intelligence has greater role in present day technology

  • What is artificial intelligence?

While anticipating any forth-coming eventuality is called intelligence, the same also means doing right things at the appropriate time. In the current technological era, artificial intelligence would refer to creating computer software that can perform multiple tasks, perfectly, at the right time, while predicting the next challenge it may face in discharging its functions. Accordingly, the ability to sort the correct answer from trillions of available choices could be the modern definition of such remotely controlled intelligence.

Products of Artificial Intelligence

Products of Artificial Intelligence

  • Defining artificial intelligence

Creating machines, which can engage on behavior that is considered intelligent by human beings, is called artificial intelligence, when related to a particular area of computer science. John McCarthy has coined the phrase of Artificial Intelligence, around three decades ago. However, there has not been any clear definition of this concept, till date. Most common definition is the comparison of computing machines with human brain. Nevertheless, to analyze the areas of artificial intelligence, one may require understanding the concept of intelligence. While many psychologists and cognitive theorists have defined intelligence as the tool that helps in identification of the required knowledge at the appropriate time of decision making; artificial intelligence could be the simulation of human intelligence on a machine. Therefore it can be said that artificial intelligence provides for rational planning and execution of right type of task at the right time. Hence, all computational models, which can think and act rationally, can be linked to AI.


  • Elements of artificial intelligence

As any task has two major elements, planning and execution, the planning process of artificial intelligence should be based on sound reasoning. In addition, any system to perform well would need to suffice on the knowledge acquired from real world. Hence, all rational actions must be built-up on the basis of such real world knowledge. In addition, any machine or system must have the learning capability to understand the perceptions involved in the required task. This could provide the basis of thinking and acting rationally, from the machine point of view, as an important element of AI.

Creativity with Artificial Intelligence

Since it will take many more entries to explain the benefits and operational capabilities of artificial intelligence, readers must keep surfing our pages for further information on such topics. Readers must also go through “What is Artificial Intelligence-Branches of AI”, by John McCarthy, to gain more knowledge on the subject.



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