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Some Website Mistakes Which Go Against Result-Oriented SEO Strategy

Search engines are always choosy. They choose the listing of websites on their sites as per a set algorithm. Hence, a result-oriented SEO strategy is always required. To avoid getting disappeared from the search engines it is advisable to follow the guidelines given below.

  • Do not go for graphic links in your site

Do not make any links in Java Script or graphics, as search engines may not recognize them. Links should be in a text format. If you have a certain word for the link then you should have it in a plain text only. Stuffing your web site with many graphic links can be disastrous for your site.

Similarly, search engines cannot recognize text written on Flash. Avoid using flash unnecessarily. Too much of its use will make the site look shabby and may turn away visitors who do not like to move flash images.

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  • Having Invisible Text

Earlier people used invisible text to ensure high ranking in search engines. However, now search engines are more cleaver than before, and with their algorithm based selection methods, these tactics can help search engines to ban such sites.

  • Using doorway or gateway pages

These pages are specially designed for search engines. They don’t target the user and are full of keywords. The content of these pages are not relevant at all except to attract search engine crawlers. This cannot be a result-oriented SEO strategy, as it is a bad and unethical approach to acquire high ranking. So, websites must have content, which is user-relevant and not aimed just for search engines.

  • Title tag without a keyword

Your title tag is the most important factor that can help you get high ranking, as it is the sentence or words that your user sees on top bar of the Web browser. It is very important to use title tag intelligently. You can have your keywords in the title tag, which can help search engines to know about Web site. These key words should reflect original creativity.

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  • Website should not be inconsistent

Never make an irrelevant site, which does not talk about your business, as such sites usually do not attract traffic and end up in nowhere. Be focused on your business. Use every word, of your website, as a marketing tool for your business. The most important result-oriented SEO strategy would include a relevant and vibrant website, which is good for both the customer and the search engines.

  • Not Using Word Tracker

By ignoring right keywords, you cannot reach your potential visitors. Keyword search should be the first step while designing the content of the website. If your site will have wrong keywords then you might busy answering about the businesses and services of others only Hence, Word-Tracker is your guide to choose right keyword for your website.

  • Bad Link Exchange

It is difficult to control other websites to link your site, but you can certainly restrict yourself to link with banned and absurd sites.  Result-oriented SEO strategy requires that no such additions are entertained. Hence, verifying the particular link partner is essential.



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