Tips for creating attractive logo designs

Logo is an important part of the company image. It is equally important to create logo designs that suit its business and is compatible to its name, over the internet. The idea is to attract more visitors and hence more business for the company. A personal logo increases the credibility of your business. In this fierce competitive business arena, your business needs to gain credibility in order to beat your competitors.

An attractive and appealing logo is the one, which catches the eye of the visitor and increases his interest to find more about the company. Logo is an identification symbol, which explains everything about your business.

A brief introduction of logos and their designing methods is given below: 

good logos attract more viewers

  • Symbol Logo

These logos give out everything about your business. Hence the image of these logos has to be chosen carefully, as they would include the basic logo designs, while representing your business activities. 

  • Text Logo

Text logos are the simplest form of logos. Many companies use company name as their logo, Ford or Larsen etc are the worldwide famous text logo examples. These logos look simple and are easy to remember. Txt logos are the direct representation of your company

  • Combination Logo

Combination logos usually combine both, the company’s name and a symbol. Such logo designs have a symbol along with text.. These logos are easy to remember and decipher.

Logo designing is a tedious task and normally revolves around the business of the company. Hence, it is advisable to engage an expert logo designer for completing this job successfully. Accordingly, the logo designer should consider the following suggestion.

  • Simplicity

People may not understand a complex logo, which would be part of the overall company stationary, including letterheads and envelopes. In addition, elaborated logos are difficult to print. Therefore, you need to be innovative and creative, while deciding your logo. Simple and good-looking logo designs can be used with ease for all purposes.

Few examples of combination logos

  • Logo Format should be Uniform

Since, your single logo is used on brochures, promotional items as well as in your company website; therefore, the logo should look uniform in all formats and sizes. The logo design format should allow it to be resized to any shape without any distortion.

  • Logo Color

Too much coloring of logo may leave it in a shabby shape and more colors also mean higher printing costs. Hence, only sober colors should be used.


While more information would be provided in our future entries on logo designs, readers should explore other areas related to this subject.



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