Some tips that would help formulating successful e-mail marketing strategies


This is continuation of our last entries on the subject of successful e-mail marketing strategies. Since Micro-soft outlook filter for junk mails uses different parameters to pass or fail an email, all mails having the mention of word free in its subject line carry the chances of getting failed.

E-mail Marketing tips



  • Most email sent on weekends is taken as Spam

Well most of the ISP filters think that way and therefore put the emails received on the weekends as junk However it has been observed that most of the transactions do take place on weekends only as many genuine e-mail marketers offer weekend discounts. As such the email should be written in a way that it does not get blocked by the filters and at the same time it should give a touch of sincerity and honesty. The customers looking for a genuine deal, even if they have to pay more for that, value these virtues.

Consistent sending of email, Monday thru Thursday; followed by a proper reminder on weekends will work with positive results in most cases

  • Continuous addition to the mailing list gives better results

Many marketers believe that by growing the mailing list, they can achieve better sales, as email sending is the least expensive form of marketing nowadays. However, care has to be taken to avoid such names in the mailing list, which may be useless or prove counter productive.

An email marketer should certainly take note of the above. However, the best way to plan the strategy varies individually and as such; test marketing can be the best tool to for formulating successful e-mail marketing strategies.


  • Tips for success through e-mails

Provide a valid and functioning link to your website in each email you send. This saves the time and effort by the subscriber spent on finding the site, which in turn may loose the initial interest created by the email.

E-mail marketing graph

Every email should display the email address, individually; Failure to do so make it a general letter addressed to none in particular and thus lacks the personal touch which is very important while making successful e-mail marketing strategies.

To counter the blocking of images and most HTML messages, it is advisable to provide a workable web version link, which allows the readers to view your email in their web browser.

Every email must have a link giving an email address for feedback or contacting the sender. This helps in getting any complaints or comments from the subscriber. This also proves the genuineness of the email message. This provided along with a valid telephone contact number is a confidence building measure, helping in getting the business in the end.

Provide navigation links to various departments so that a subscriber goes directly to the particular division in which he has some interest. These links can be given at the top of the newsletter itself.

While the above successful e-mail marketing strategies would help marketers in many ways. Readers can also look at other info-tips, to gain knowledge on varied subjects.



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