Examples in illustration essay should be topic-specific

Illustration essays should not scatter the mind

Presentation of arguments and examples in support and against the given topic would form the essential part of an illustration essay. The relevant issue can be described through many examples, to present your viewpoint. However, it will be easier to relate your illustrations to the daily life events. For example, while writing an essay on the topic of mobile phone usage among teenagers, you should give examples of real time risks involved in the excessive use of a cell phone.

This essay will have the similar outline as other essay formats that include an introduction, main body of the essay and the conclusion part of the essay. However, before writing an essay, students can go through other essays also like a political essay or an analytical essay etc.

  • Select a topic keeping its related examples in view

The topic of an illustration essay should be such that one can find many examples from our daily life to support the essay text. However, in case of other essays, students will give their own arguments, supported by relevant information sources. This will not require any examples.

Therefore, the topic selected for writing this essay will be illustration based and not arguments based. Even sometimes, the cause and effect essays can serve as such essays, since the subject selected can have many examples of the causes of any event or episode with equal illustrations highlighting the effect of the concerned events.

  • Use all types of examples

The examples used are broadly of two types. One is a short and simple example, while as the other type will relate to the details of the examples that can not be described in a brief manner. For example, while discussing on the complex issue of “right to die”, students should describe each case with descriptive live examples.

Illustration essays should be inspiring

Therefore, students should use the illustrations in a wise manner, while making own discretion for placement of brief or detailed examples in their illustration essay. However, all examples given by the students should relate to the majority of the views on the topic. We cannot give an illustration of a cancer patient, with initial stages of cancer, as an example for the above topic. The more appropriate illustration can be a terminally ill patient

To gather more knowledge on the subject of writing controversial essays, students can look at persuasive essays or opinion essays, which relate to the presentation of ideas and examples, in a number of ways.

  • Thesis statement for the illustration essay

The brief detail on the topic selected will form the main point of thesis in this essay. However, it must contain your viewpoint on the subject with the brief mention of illustrations detailed in the main essay body.

For example while discussing on the hazards of city driving; your thesis statement should highlight the risk associated, on a daily basis, with the driving in cities. There can be sufficient number of example supporting your statement in the main essay, that relate to all of us.

Expansion of the thesis statement will become the main text of the essay, which will have all the required illustrations. The conclusion part of the illustration essay should sum up the topic in the words of the student. Students can also go through other topics to learn about varied subjects.