Tutors measure the mental and writing skills of the student through essay questions

To understand the analytical capabilities of students, teaching staff has to evaluate the students in the proper fashion. For this purpose, essay questions are set, to understand and measure the thinking as well as writing skills of each student. The mental reflexes are measured in terms of the skills each student will have in applying, planning, organizing and integrating various inputs for preparation of a final paper. These along with the writing and communicating skills go a long way in polishing the student to become a future management leader.

Therefore, the students are strongly advised to learn and think loudly on all the topics that may be raised in these questions. Although there can be numerous types of essay question, students can benefit by looking at papers written by experts like academic essays or analytical essays etc.

Serious Essay Questions

However, here are a few essay questions that come up generally in most of the examinations.

  • Presenting arguments

This can be a simple essay, which requires the student to compare different viewpoints on a certain topic. For example, the tutor may require the students to write on the advantages and disadvantages of having a dog as household pet. The students need to find enough material and view from the actual dog owners and others about the changes they find by keeping such pets.

  • Analyzing similarities

Sometimes the professor would like to challenge the students thinking capability by posing two similar scenarios that also have certain dissimilarities as well. By asking for finding common agenda of both the situations, the students may find the two topics similar and may be tempted to copy any one of them as an answer. However, the requirement is to go through the two plots carefully so that even the hidden dissimilarity is removed from the answer for essay questions.

  • Cause and effect questions

It can also be a cause and effect question. For example, the causes of global warming can be asked in a question. The tutor would like to evaluate the knowledge of the student on the subject, as it concerns all of us and we read a lot about this almost daily.  Further, the effect of such warming in terms of, say, ice melting or frequent droughts and floods will have to be elaborated while writing an essay on this topic.

Pondering over Essay Questions

Finally, the reader will expect a solution fresh from the mind of the student. However, students are advised to make an explanatory note of their offered solutions or suggestions.

  • Applying valid theories

Certain essay questions, mostly from technical or scientific subjects will like the student to apply the principals or set formula to solve a problem like business accounting or a physics problem. In such cases, the students are required to be thoroughly well-versed with the topic of the relevant question, as that will make the solution of the given problem, easier.

Although the above are a few of the essay questions, students can look at other topics to learn more on varied issues.