Email marketing campaign should not prove fodder for scamesters

If you have to do an email marketing campaign in an effective and result-oriented manner, then you have to be aware of rules and laws regulating such emails. There are established US laws, which regulate the “CAN SPAM” part of email campaign. It has been found that most of the email senders have followed this law strictly by providing a working unsubscribe link, in their emails. However, a small percentage of such senders are found still lacking in providing such a link.

It was further observed that most of the best practices prescribed for email campaign are not being followed by all in its totality. While the email senders of” travel “category have been strictly following such practices; other business sectors like” financial services “ignored most of these practices, although they could have been the gainers by maximizing use of the same.
Keeping its importance in view, we have detailed, briefly, hereunder some of these practices, which no email marketing campaigner can afford to ignore.

Celebrating successful Email Marketing

  • Provide valid telephone numbers

All emails should have a telephone number for the subscriber to call, in case any further information is required. This saves the time and hassles of opening a web link and visiting the site to find the contact number.

  • Give administrative information

Every email should have a link to the administration center, which can have the contact information like the site address, the tel. number with street address, a link to the subscription page and unsubscribe link and a link to your privacy policy. Having such an admin center link always helps the sender to remain in touch with the subscribers and makes a clear distinguishing from the unsolicited mail.

Explaining concepts of Email Marketing

Apart from the above, the ethics of email marketing suggests that the mailer has provided links which are workable, while requesting the readers to go through various websites that are user-friendly and easily navigated.

  • Provide a subscription link

Links link offering a subscription function to a friend by way of reference can help increasing your subscription base and email coverage. This link shows the message being sent through your server and in turn lets you track the forwarder of such message. It is always advisable to get added to a “safe senders list”, as otherwise most ISPs may block messages and images, thinking these to be spam only.

As drafting and writing of email newsletters is an art, readers must look at other supporting publications, which can provide particular information about the tactics of email marketing. However, we will continue with more info-tips on this subject in our forthcoming entries. Meanwhile, readers can look at other topics to gain knowledge on varied issues.



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