Scholarship essay should be the center point of your application

The scholarship essay always influences the decision of the selecting officers and tutors, while student writes it as an enclosure to the application. Therefore, the student should lay much importance to writing this essay. Always keep in mind that whatever may be the topic, the selectors will try to find about YOU in the answers given. This will include your in-depth knowledge on the questions asked and topics discussed.

Discussing scholarship essay topic

  • Getting started

This really becomes a mind bobbling exercise, as the student may not know how to get started. However, the following points may help:

You must understand the real aim of the tutors or selectors for asking a certain question. An insight into the motivation of the selecting staff to ask such questions will help in framing the right answers.Analyze the question, while trying to find out if any research is needed to frame an answer. At the same time, try to find out if there is any thing in the question or the topic that links you to it.  The chances are that the selectors will find about yourself through the answers given by you.

Your scholarship essay should be fully supported by the relevant statistics. The data collected while doing research on the topic to get a proper answer, should also reflect your viewpoint on the topic. There is no need to support a contention that you really feel is not the right one. This will result in exposing your mental conflict and false pretensions.

  • Know the scholarship donors

Collect all possible information about the organization that has asked for such applications. A visit to the website will be of great help. In certain cases, that allow informal chats and conversations, a phone call to the organization will be beneficial to know what is the real purpose of asking a certain question etc..

Loud thinking for scholarship essay

  • Aim at what you want to write

While there are other selection criterion like the SAT and GPA or GMAT scores, but they give a generalized idea about the applicant. It is the scholarship essay, which makes the candidate unique in the eyes of the selectors.

The aim of the essay should be to demonstrate your commitment to the purpose of this scholarship and its organizers. You can cite a personal reason for opting a certain course. For example, a student going for an advance course in oncology medicine may have strong reason for the same to treat a dear one suffering from cancer.

Reading other essays like economics essay or an essay on the sociology or philosophy and even a research essay reading can guide the student to formalize the topic of the scholarship essay. Students can look forward to more info-tips by surfing other topics.


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