How HESI test would help nursing students

The HESI test is developed by Health Education Systems Inc., located in Houston Texas. The test was designed as a standardized test for nursing schools. The test is used by the College of Nursing, ETSU. The Health Education Systems Inc. is involved with customizing standard test for nursing schools. They also develop help products that nursing students can use when preparing for the National Council of Licensing Examination. The examination is a requirement for getting a nursing professional license.

  • Test Procedure

Student nurses in the College of Nursing, ETSU would have to take the HESI test at three various stages in the school. The second semester of their sophomore year is the first time that they will have to take the HESI test. At this stage it is a part of the required entry requirements to the Nursing College. The next HESI test comes up in the second semester of their junior year. This time the students will have to take it as part of a clinical course called FCNU 3051. Just before they graduate the student nurses will have to take one final HESI test as part of another clinical course, PMNU 4061.

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Studying for HESI test

  • First test

The structure of the first HESI test is designed to test and identify the student’s weak areas. It assesses knowledge in math, reading, grammar, comprehension and vocabulary. To pass the test the student has to acquire a score of 80%. If the score is below 80% the student would have to take and pass a course on promoting academic success in nursing, called course FCNU 3300.

  • Second test

The next test taken in the second semester of junior year is a custom test. Questions cover all taught concepts of the first weeks down to the second semester of junior year. The minimum score needed to pass is called the probability score and its 850 points. Failure to make the probability score of 850 would mean that the student would have to retake the exam. A student can take the exam up to three times. As long as the second mid-curricular junior HESI test remains un-passed the student would continue to have an incomplete grade in course FCNU 3051.

  • Last test

The last HESI test is compulsory for all graduating nurse students. This is a standardized test that has a probability score of 850 points. Students cannot graduate without making the minimum required score, thus any student failing it would have to continue to retake the test until they pass it to get the required probability score.

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HESI test helps medical standardization

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