This is Step One for the Web-site Transfer


As any website requires a reputed webhost to publish the site contents over the internet, different web hosting companies are offering such service initially at very nominal prices that normally start with $2 per month. Such initial hosting plans are available for 24 to 60 months depending on the individual webhost. However, the hosting charges shoot up drastically at the time of renewal for these services with same webhost. The site-owner has option to select another web hosting service organization that can charge lesser prices. Nevertheless, the transfer of website content files between the servers of outgoing and incoming web hosting company is a tedious job. Knowing this, most of the companies do not offer such service. The webhosts that offer website transfer do so after charging a fabulous amount.

The first step in the direction of any website transfer is to generate a back-up of the existing site contents.

Generating backup does not need any cutting

No cutting allowed in backup creation










Working with existing web host cPanel 

Get the complete back up of all website files. This can be done through cPanel of existing webhost. After logging-in to the hosting account, the user should go to the back-up link provided in the cPanel. As it opens the back-up options, the site owner should first take the full back-up of the site by clicking on that link. On doing so, the back-up files will be stored in the local computer of the site owner, as per his choice. However, since this is not enough, the user should take partial back-up, one-by-one for all SQL and other data files and store them separately into their computer. Most of these files will require specialized file transfer protocol (FTP) to do the job. Accordingly, the user can utilize free services of different FTP service providers such as Cuteftp, FileZilla, core ftp, dreamweaver ftp etc for this purpose. The individual software has details on steps needed to transfer such files from existing webhost server to the local computer or remote FTP server.

Off-server backup reveals all original colors

Nothing to Hide


Creating off-server backup

While logging on to the webhost cPanel, clicking on full backup will open the drop down menu. It is recommended to select “Remote ftp server or Passive Mode Transfer” from this menu. A new window will open after this. The user should fill all fields in this window that require email address of user, remote server address, remote username for this ftp along with the password. The username and password will be generated by the user after opening the ftp account with any of the above-mentioned programs that work on remote servers. In addition, the port number will be required to serve as an accessible address for the remote server. In the last, the directory where user wants to store the backup files on the remote server will ask for exact storage location

After completing the above steps, just click backup and all files will be securely stored on the remote server of ftp provider. However, it is essential to download these files to the new host cPanel within the free validity of these programs.